Graduated in 1994 from XIV Belgrade High School.

In 1996 enrolled in Academy of Applied Arts and Design. Graduated in 2001 within the Department: Wall painting and restoration, with Professor Slobodan Djuričković. Participated in several international art colonies in the country and abroad, leading international art camps and workshops. Member of ULUPUDUS, and ARTE group. The winner of Arte group awards: Painter of the year 2012. Worked in workshops and projects for children and adults with special needs, as well as with fused glass art workshops. 

Experienced in working with children gained through the five-year work in primary schools Arčibald Rajs and Jovan Popović.

Painter of the year 2012. Praise for the Biennial watercolors in 2013.

Significant solo exhibitions:

2001 first solo exhibition, gallery 011, Grocka, Belgrade
2002 exhibition: searching, gallery 73, Banovo Brdo, Belgrade
2003 objects and images, Caffe gallery ALO ALO , Belgrade
2006-2008 Gallery Tijanić’s mill
2007 Fused Glass, Manak House, Belgrade Pantings, Birgo, Malta
2008 Malta in Serbia, Gallery Čigota, Zlatibor
2010 Urbanization, Blow up bar, Gallery, Belgrade
2011 Mediterranean, Museum of Herzegovina, Trebinje
2012 Love, Cultural Center, Čačak
2012 Birds, gallery Med, Belgrade
2012 Love, gallery Čigota, Zlatibor
2013 Balkan Love, Gallery of Serbian Cultural Centre, Budapest
2014 city of Trebinje, Gallery Čigota , Zlatibor
2014 city of Trebinje, Hotel Platani,Trebinje
2015 Love in Plus, Shund Gallery, Belgrade
2015 Deep Blue, exhibition of drawings, Publin, Belgrade
2015 Singing Birds, SKC New Belgrade, Belgrade
2015 Seas, cities and sailing boats, Belgrade
2016 Love at first sight, National Museum of Uzice
2016 My Souls Corner, City Sales Gallery, Novi Sad